Relapse Prevention in Victoria, TX

It takes a strong person to commit to becoming clean and sober after being addicted to drugs or alcohol for any amount of time. Sadly, many experts say that for a person to quit using drugs or alcohol (when addicted) it will only happen in one of two ways: they will enter rehab (that's the positive course) or they will overdose (something that hopefully can be avoided). When a person does go through the process of becoming sober, it can be very hard on them emotionally when they have a setback, and that's why drug relapse prevention is such an important part of the overall rehabilitation process. Relapse prevention programs can start on day one of a person's sobriety if they are involved in a high-quality drug and alcohol rehab treatment plan. This day-one approach is an important aspect of many drug rehab in Victoria and relapse prevention in Victoria care facilities is definitely at the top of the list of priorities when a person first enters a rehab program.

Although inpatient care isn't right for everyone, it is highly recommended that the first step in the recovery process, detoxification, be done in a supervised environment. This is the beginning phase of rehabilitation for every recovering addict or alcoholic because rehab therapy and counseling cannot begin without first having the substance or substances a person is abusing or is addicted to must be removed from their body. In some cases, this is just a few-day process but in others, it can take many months, depending on the individual's drug of choice and how long they have been an addict. This is also the first instance where drug relapse prevention comes into play. Relapse prevention programs are integrated into all inpatient detox treatment plans because the first few days, weeks, and months a person is clean and sober can be the time they are most susceptible to a relapse due to the cravings they will almost certainly experience as part of their withdrawal symptoms. Relapse Prevention in Victoria detox facilities begins with the simple fact that the patient does not have access to their drug of choice or any other substance they may use in its place. The other major component of drug relapse prevention during medical detox in Victoria is all of the professional medical care and general support that is provided for each patient, from proper diet to emotional support during the tough early stages of such a major change in life.

What Is Relapse Prevention?

Relapse Prevention Programs are processes built by counselors and recovering addicts that help them get through what can be referred to as rough patches in their quest to remain clean and sober. Every recovering addict is going to experience good days and bad, and on the bad days, a relapse prevention plan of action can be just what's need to remain sober one more day. Organizations that assist addicts and alcoholics in continuing to develop their own personalized plans as they progress through recovery are available as part of relapse prevention in Victoria. These include major, name-brand support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous but smaller, local resources can also be found.

Relapse Statistics Amongst Addicts and Alcoholics

Even with solid drug relapse prevention steps in place, many addicts and alcoholics, especially those in recovery for the first time, have setbacks during the first few weeks or months of sobriety. This can be a hard test, but also a learning experience as to when to reach out to your support system, go to a meeting, or otherwise take action in the opposite direction of drinking or using again. As individuals progress in recovery, relapse rates are close to those of other chronic diseases, like diabetes.

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Relapse

Relapse prevention programs teach recovering addicts and alcoholics as well as their families to look for signs and symptoms that a person may be thinking about using or going through an experience that may lead them to drink or use drugs again. This can be something that seems simple, like not being able to find their car keys, or something much worse, like a death in the family. Call Victoria Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (361) 597-3133.

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