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Over the last many decades, the list of drugs that are abused and people become addicted to has seemed to grow exponentially, including the growing popularity of designer drugs like "bath salts", club drugs like Ecstasy, and the resurgence of heroin, which has hit what some consider epidemic proportions. Drug and alcohol rehab professionals have had to get up to speed not only on new drugs that hit the streets and "gray markets" but also continue to develop new therapy and counseling techniques in order to care for the growing population of drug abusers and addicts. A specialty in prescription drug addiction rehab has become necessary as legal, doctor ordered medications have become an addiction risk, too, via many avenues including legitimate use. Thankfully, you can find a prescription drug rehab in Victoria staffed by knowledgeable professionals who can educate you on the dangers of prescription drug abuse and addiction.

What Is Prescription Drug Addiction and What are the Warning Signs?

As you can learn by speaking to a prescription drug addiction rehab specialist, there are many ways a person can become addicted to prescription medications. First, if you have been prescribed a medication by your doctor, especially an opioid pain medication, you need to monitor your reaction to the drug and report any changes to your doctor. For instance, if you usually take some certain dosage every eight hours, and start to feel the pain return after only six, you may be developing a tolerance for that particular drug and your doctor can change your course of treatment before you become addicted.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers are filled with people who thought that it was ok to do what is referred to as "self-medicate" by using a family member or friend's prescription medication for what they thought was the proper use of the drug. For example, you slip and hurt your back, and instead of going to your own doctor and being properly diagnosed, you use your spouse's leftover pain medication from a recent surgery. Prescription drugs of this nature are ordered by doctors after careful consideration of a person's overall health and other physical attributes, as well as the amount of pain they are in, and taking pills that will almost definitely make you feel good due to the nature of the substances they are derived from is a bad idea. Due to the fact that prescription opioids and heroin come from the same overall category of drugs, like the illegal street drug, they can be addictive after just one dose. So that one pill you took because you couldn't bother going to the doctor may have you looking for finding prescription drug rehab in Victoria instead.

Another category of prescription opioid abusers and addicts that drug and alcohol rehab centers often see are those opioid users who take whatever is easiest to acquire at the time. If they can't get heroin, they'll use Oxycontin, and vis a versa. When a person begins rehabilitation, it is important for the specialists working in prescription drug addiction rehab to assess all of the substances a person has been taking in case the long-term side effects or withdrawal symptoms vary in some way. Prescription drug rehab in Victoria provides this type of comprehensive care for all of its patients in an effort to make sure as many people as possible can make their way to living a positive, drug-free lifestyle after being involved with the abuse of prescription medications.

Health Risks for Prescription Drug Addiction

The most important reason for a person to get into drug and alcohol rehab after becoming addicted to any substance is to avoid an overdose. As almost anyone would know, even from watching fictional accounts on TV, an overdose can be deadly. Starting with medical detox in Victoria, prescription drug addiction rehab aims to help individuals remove drug use from their lives and through the introduction of aftercare programs and continued support and counseling, make sure that the worst-case scenario does not occur.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Addiction

There are several treatment options for prescription drug rehab in Victoria including both inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatient care can be helpful to anyone, no matter how recently they have become addicted to drugs and alcohol, but outpatient care may suit a person's work and home life better, and the important part is for them to get help. If you've been taking prescription drugs in any amount against doctor's orders, call or come in and see a rehab specialist and talk about the options available to you. Call Victoria Alcohol Rehab Centers now for help (361) 597-3133.

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